Perfect light

MAKEUPMIRROR.COM's products have been developed in collaboration with professional makeup artists and electrical engineers. We have spend a number of years testing and developing to find ideal size mirrors and optimal power light for the perfect makeup. We have found the perfect warm white daylight, that matches the professional make-up artists favorite, namely 2700 Kelvin.

MAKEUPMIRROR.COM is approved and has both CE marking and RoHS 



MAKEUPMIRROR.COM has a basic 230W lamp and all the white and black lacquer mirrors have standard cord and a European plug. For some countries you might need an adapter

The Art Leather mirrors have a vintage cord and plug, but with the same dimmer

Unique dimmer

Our patenetd dimmer works with both halogen and LED bulbs. The dimmer is reinforced and has 300W limit.

The dimmer offers, both optimum make-up lighting and a beautiful harmonic lighting lamp for the home or professional salon.


Light bulbs are included.

Halogen Classic bulb 20 W with E14 socket and 2700 Kelvin

You can buy  halogen bulbs and dimmable LED bulbs in regular stores.

When you recieve your mirror

All MAKEUPMIRROR.COM's products can either stand on a table or be hung on the wall. The halogen bulbs and dimmer are stored in a cavity behind the mirror, to open press the stand and the back will open.

1. Press to open the back panel

2. Take out the bulbs and switch wire

3. Place the support bracket on the desktop

4. Screw on the 12 light bulbs

5. You can also hang the mirror on a wall with screws