WOW! Every girl's dream! :-)

Sara Jönsson -


The Perfect Makeup Mirror - A wonderful cosmetic mirror with an absolutely fantastic light!


Love it! It provides the perfect light when make-up thanks to the lights in the frame.


A perfect Christmas gift!

Teresa Grundin - makeup artist /


I bought myself a really vanity mirror for Christmas and I love it !! It's awesome! It took twelve 20 Watt lights and it has a dimmer, it has lit in the evenings it is as cozy light.


Wonderful, if I could afford it, I would strike, super stylish.


Yepp, this would be needed, really!


As a guy, so I do not make up too often. And to have a good light when you shave or fix hairdo really hurt not. I am so tired of the lights in the bathroom, so this mirror may well be an option. Stylish is it too!

What incredibly good and handy it seems :)

Sandra Larsson -

Oh, thank you very much for the tip!

"I can really recommend this vanity mirror and you can not afford to wish for a Christmas present"

Linda Mehrens

"Finally, I have a professional makeup lighting at home"

Lina Olsson

"Immediately when I saw it, I felt; The will I have! "

Philippa R

"I bought for my elderly mom who always minks for her wrong light at home. And one for myself because I'm worth it !!! "

Marie C

"This year's Christmas gift to wish for, so I've done it!