Makeup Mirror Group provide a limited warranty policy on our MAKEUPMIRROR products related to factory defects for one (1) year from the date of purchase.  Any defects occurring during this time as a result of normal use will be either repaired or replaced at the expense of MAKEUPMIRROR.COM . The following conditions apply to this warranty:


The product(s) must have been purchased from the  MAKEUPMIRROR.COM website.

Customer must return the product in orginal packing.

The consumer must present proof of purchase from online transaction.

The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty claim based on evidence of abuse, mistreatment, defacing, or misuse upon receipt of returned product.

This warranty applies only to the original customer of Makeup Mirror Group product(s).

The replacement product will be under the same warranty as the original product, assuming its purchase date for future warranty purposes.



We use UPS shipping. Your order will be delivered to you 10-14 days

The small mirrors will be delivered to local post office for collection.

For the large mirrors it's important that that you use a shipping address where UPS can deliver weekdays between 9am-6pm.

UPS will try to deliver 3 times.  You will receive an email notifying you of an attempted delivery.  This will contain a link which you can click on to change the delivery address if necessary.

If your package is delayed by more than seven days so please let support@makeupmirror.com




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